B O N J O U R ! !

Welcome to the Priro Shop!
This is a shop dedicated to small print media/ephemera that features art by sole game developer Priro, mainly featuring characters from his visual novel series, Parfum Nostalgique. 

Parfum Nostalgique is a josei manga-inspired kinetic visual novel drama series about a therapist-by-day, dom-by-night 256-year-old bisexual vampire, Valdemar Andressen and his fantastic, dramatic, romantic, traumatic life!

You can find find more information about Parfum Nostalgique here on the official itch.io page, on the official Tumblr/website priro.pro, or on the official Twitter page

All of the development for Parfum Nostalgique, including all art, writing, programming, graphic design, sound design, and music composition, is done by one person, who also happens to run this shop all by himself! 
If you like what you see, please consider signing up for my Patreon. For $2 a month, you can have early access to Parfum Nostalgique development, for $6, you get a monthly sketch card, and for $15, you get a lucky pack of new print media every single month!