V-MAIL Lucky Pack!

$14.00 USD

A full-color postcard, a sticker, a sketch card, and a vibe for a tea sample to all be wrapped up in one neat little mail pack, lovingly wax-sealed by hand and tied up with string! Send it to a friend, a lover, your sub, your dom! Or maybe just yourself.

What you get:
Full color postcard- random
Sketch card- random
2 Stickers or a pin or magnet- random
Tea sample- random
...And beautiful packaging, curated by me to best compliment the contents of the pack!

Some additional information:

-Examples of what you could receive are all in stock in the shop, however, you may receive products that have yet to reach the shop yet!
-Lucky pack choices are suggestions and not set in stone. For example, while you may receive a postcard or sticker of your favorite character, you may receive other merch with different characters. It all depends on what's in stock!